Reviews — See what readers are saying about RotorBoys and A Golden Weekend

“Far more than just a flying adventure. Larry Carello does what Tom Clancy did so well - he foresees tomorrow's conflicts in the setting he uses - Southeast Asia. Fasten your seatbelts, get out your globe, and hold on!”

− George Galdorisi, co-author of Tom Clancy’s Op-Center: Out of the Ashes

Rotorboys is a terrific read that doesn’t just appeal to the aviation enthusiast. All the characters are well developed and interesting. The story is will paced and hard to put down. Larry Carello has produced a riveting tale and I am looking forward to future novels by this author!
— Tracy P.
[A Golden Weekend] Larry Carello has done a wonderful job weaving a story between friends and family that anyone who grew up in a small town will be able to relate to. The characters are expertly crafted and the storyline is very believable and realistic. I felt like I intimately knew each of the characters by the end of the book and was left wanting to know more. I look forward to future publications by this author.
— Cathie P.
Author and veteran Navy aviator Larry Carello spins a gritty tale of military intrigue complicated by post-Vietnam politics and the social unrest plaguing Filipino President Ferdinand Marcos in the 1970s. A colorful assemble of intricately drawn characters bring to life the turbulence of the times and often perilous demands placed on OIC Bud Lammer’s helicopter resupply unit stationed aboard the USS San Angelo in the Western Pacific. From treacherous weather to insubordination to a brutal act of terrorism, the integrity of both the unit as a whole and the men within its ranks is put to the test. Not all survive. ROTORBOYS delivers a captivating account of the intricacies of helicopter flight and adheres to an authentic voice throughout. A well-developed and richly textured subplot chronicles the covert operations of the New People’s Army and gathering demands from the oppressed Filipino Muslim population. When Lammer and his colleagues unwittingly find themselves caught in the crossfire of an underground revolution their routine peacetime mission is suddenly thrust to the forefront of threatening international relations around the world.
— Jackie Boor

“From its start in night turbulent foul weather, the book twists its way through several story lines that come together in a jungle climax that will leave you wanting more from this author.”

− Rotor Review magazine

“A fabulous read! The flying and cockpit scenes are magical.”

− Captain Steve Millikin, USN (Retired), former H-46 squadron commanding officer

This book [A Golden Weekend] is great in that it has appeal to all adults, regardless of age. I consider it family reading at its best and recommend it as a “must read.” It is well-written and very entertaining. Keep an eye on this author as I believe he has tremendous potential.
— Bettie C.T.
Strong descriptive passages placing reader’s senses firmly in place and time with characters and actions that always ring true. I found myself going back to find out what happens, even “concerned” about where the author would take one particular character. that doesn’t often happen. This is a fluid read, phrased well, with a solid Universal story-line and protagonists I liked.
— Phyllis